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Disco Cassette MULTIFORMAT [TOP]

With so many different disc formats available today, you need a multi-format system. As always, Vocopro delivers! Combining the DUET, our best sounding and best selling 80 watt semi-pro system, with our popular multiformat player, the new DVD-DUET is able to play almost any disc format. You'll be able to sing along with your collection of CDG, MP3 compilations, or output DVDs to a video monitor. You can even do a slideshow of JPEG photos.

Disco Cassette MULTIFORMAT

We've included two professional mics, and two microphone inputs each having separate volume controls. So you can sing duets with a perfect mix. The dual cassette deck makes recording your performances or dubbing from one deck to the other simple, and you can use the cassettes, AM/FM tuner and disc player just like any stereo system.

The cassettes will also be sold separately with the Freddie Mercury cassette cover featuring a frosted aqua cassette, Brian May cover on transparent pink cassette, Roger Taylor cover on transparent green cassette and John Deacon cover on a transparent blue cassette.

In 1962 the Dutch company Phillips invented the mythical Cassette Compact. This recording device was designed to record voice dictations, its great fidelity of recording managed to expand its horizon of exponential sound use, until it became a standard audio format, as was the vinyl record, the Phillips company under pressure from companies Japanese like Sony chose to donate their patent so that other manufacturers could design their version for sale, until practically the beginning of the 21st century, cassettes with different qualities continued to be designed and manufactured, nowadays, it seems to have a great appeal among lovers of the sound world.

This project is part of the CassetteMegaPack, I will incorporate it so that you can enjoy it, it is a concept that I know many of you needed to be able to support your projects of various kinds. If you want to get to know more cassette designs you can find them in our collection called CassetteMania, be encouraged to collect these objects that will give elegance, elegance and innovation to your productions of different types.

In terms of sounds, the collection is very dance orientated. Applicable genres include chillout, deep house, disco, garage, house and techno. As the title suggests, the content is melodically based, meaning that there are no drums. A previous release, called Vinyl & Tape Drum Hits, covered the drum side of things and was produced using similar processes.

Sony is probably the biggest name on the portable CD player market. Their CFD-S70 CD player is a great choice for people who like doing things the old way. This device is not only a CD player but also has a cassette tape deck. So, if you have a nice collection of old tapes you made or recorded decades ago and you want to evoke some memories, CFD-S70 is your go-to option.

On the top, you have a CD player, large control panel, and an LCD display. The control panel is divided into three parts. On the left end, you have the power button and all the buttons for controlling the radio (AM/FM switch, preset buttons, tuning buttons). In the middle, you have the playback buttons for the cassette tape deck. On the right, you have the CD controls, volume controls, and bass-boost button.

To summarize, CFD-S70 is a portable CD player with speakers, a cassette player, and a radio with AM and FM reception. Thanks to the AUX input, you can connect your phone or some other source with analog audio output and use the CFD-S70 as a speaker.

Highlights editions will be released with just the 2021 remaster of the original album on 1 CD or 1 LP; and with the remaster and the Lost and Found disc on 2 CDs or 2 LPs. A clear vinyl variant of the 2LP edition with alternate cover art is available exclusively from the Rolling Stones store, as is an exclusive red cassette of the original album. 350c69d7ab


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